How to Configured Google reCAPTCHA Account

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In this article, we will learn the configuration of a Google reCAPTCHA account which helps us to implement Google reCAPTCHA to a web application. To configure we need to add a website domain or localhost(for local testing) to google's developer account. Hee, i will also explain how you can get site and private key for Google reCAPTCHA step by step.

Why Google reCAPTCHA is required?

It's a free service provided by Google with just few configurations and setup. It helps our website from spam and attacks. As humans can easily solve "CAPTCHA" test which bots and malicious software can not help us to prevent from those attacks.

Let's start to configuration developer account for Google reCAPTCHA step by step,

Step 1

Logged into google's account.

Step 2

Browse URL to

How to Configured Google reCAPTCHA Account

Step 3

Click on the V3 Admin Console link, which will redirect you to link.

Site and Private key

Step 4

Add your preferred label and choose the best option for the reCAPTCHA type, for me - I have chosen reCAPTCHA v2. With a selection of "I am not a robot" checkbox option under that selected option.

Google reCAPTCHA Site and Private key

Step 5

Add your domain name (just domain name without any protocol. For, e.g - For testing in the local environment, you can add localhost as a domain which will allow you to test locally.

Google reCAPTCHA

Step 6

In case the application has multiple owners, you can add-on  an email in the owner's section.

reCAPTCHA account

Step 7

The "Send alerts to owners" option will send notifications in case of any misconfiguration or suspicious traffic on the website.

Google reCAPTCHA account

Step 8

You need to click on the "SUBMIT" button (refer to above image) which will be redirected to the credentials or keys section.

Step 9

Here, for your reference - you can copy these credentials or keys (private key and secret key) which need to be set or configured in your web application project.

Google reCAPTCHA Private key


This article helps you to configure or get Google reCAPTCHA credentials that help you to set up functionality in your local as well as the live environment. This helps you to prevent bot, malicious software, or crawl attacks on websites.

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